Any Sport or habitual lifestyle activity, can lead to the development of muscle imbalances and joint restrictions, leading to pain and the potential for injury. Starting with an individual biomechanical assessment, learn what your unique body needs to mobilise, stretch and strengthen to move better and get out of pain.

Learn efficient movement patterns to avoid injury and realise freedom of movement, whether you are a  Surfer, Mixed Martial Artist, Tennis Player, Basketball Player, Full-time Mum or a Desk Slave.

All levels of ability are welcome and encouraged.



Your coaching will begin with a detailed assessment where posture, joint mechanics, muscle balance, joint and core stability, functional movement analysis and strength will be evaluated. The assessment results are then blended with your specific goals in the design of your training program.




Postural correction and injury rehabilitation – regain joint stability and build a foundation of balanced strength, with the end goal being the ability to develop power and speed for sport or everyday movement.

Flexibility and Mobility for joint restrictions. Learn efficient ways to lengthen and soften restricted soft tissue – muscle, fascia and other connective tissue so that you can move more freely and complete full-range movement patterns without pain.

Technical instruction for traditional, non-traditional and complex lifts. Learn the proper way to deadllift, squat, bench press, pull, push, bend, climb, generate force from the core, use your glutes (butt muscles), produce power and move safely in full range of motion. Learn complementary and assistance exercises to help strengthen your main big lifts such as your deadlift or squat.

Sports performance coaching. Learn how to make your body an effective force and power generating machine for high performance in your chosen sport. Today Michelle works with a lot of Surfers and teaches efficient movement patterns to avoid injury and move better when paddling and riding with a combination of muscle/fascia stretching, joint mobilisations, stability, strength endurance, strength, power and energy systems conditioning.

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching to fast track your progress. Each person is unique in what will drive their body most effectively and efficiently. Learn what may be holding your back from reaching your goals, whether that be strength development, hypertrophy, fat loss, overcoming a health issue, or gaining more energy.




Sports Performance – Surfing

Muscle & Fascia Release

Postural Correction

Injury Rehabilitation – Shoulders, Lower Back, Hips and Knees

Fat Loss

Muscle Building

Core & Peripheral Stability

Glute, Hamstring & Back Strength

Acrobatics and Calisthenics

Moving in unique and fun ways – teaching others to enjoy exercise more