It was in my mid twenties that I threw myself into surfing with something close to an addiction. Previous to this I had a somewhat balanced body from a history in dancing, teaching correct strength training techniques and exercise rehabilitation. When I started surfing everyday, I noticed my upper back started to hunch over more, my shoulders, neck and lower back ached, my head started to poke forward, my hips were rotated, my trailing knee and ankle was developing occasional pain and my strength training-dancing butt was starting to flatten. It appeared that these sensations were highlighted within my own body because I had not started surfing young and these same symptoms were exactly those things that start to creep up on long-time surfers.

The body wisdom you can gain by reading Fluid Surfer is not something easily available to surfers today, unless they visit a physical therapist who is also a surfer who understands biomechanics and physiology.

Fluid Surfer is about helping you move as nature intended, to move more efficiently and to maximise not only your surf performance but also your physicality for anything and everything in life. Every person is born with the same basic skeletal structure and design. We all have an optimal shoulder position which is stable, and optimal spinal posture which reduces wear and tear on joints and discs, optimal knee positions to avoid injuries and many other optimal body alignments.



26 Career World Title Tour Wins, 3 Pipe Masters Victories and 2 World Titles.

“As you will see within the pages of this guide, Michelle Drielsma has been on a clear & focused mission for us all by laying down well documented examples of her insights and knowledge. Putting your trust in Michelle’s clear techniques will help surfers young and old to become stronger, faster and more efficient.”


In Fluid Surfer, you can learn techniques for keep each of these body areas nimble and ninja; Neck, Upper back, Shoulders, Upper Arms, Forearms and Wrists, Front of Chest, Lower Back, Hips, Front of Thigh, Back of Thigh, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Knees, Lower Leg, Feet.

There is nothing like this book out there available specifically to surfers. There are loads of fitness programs, stretching or general strength building programs targeted at surfers, but nothing that addresses the health of our body’s soft tissues and optimal movement positions.



Davey Cathels, World Surf League professional surfer and client of Michelle Drielsma.

With a solid body maintenance routine, you’re able to perform the imperfect movements that surfing requires, with enough movement buffer to avoid ripping muscles, popping capsules and tearing ligaments. Sounds like it could be a good idea! Just as we regularly need to eat, drink, sleep and exercise, we also need to work on improving our movement and tissue health. If you surf everyday, you’re stressing the same muscles over and over again, whilst the others are taking a break. Mobility and soft tissue work will help balance your body out and ensure that your next surf will feel easier, looser and more athletic.

“For anyone serious about body maintenance, Drielsma’s book has a section that helps you diagnose your own trouble spots and shows how to improve them with techniques that include stretching – including lunges to loosen up tight hip flexors, mobility exercises using exercise bands and small weights or the use of a simple tennis or golf ball to massage and free up tight muscles and ligaments.” – The Sydney Morning Herald. Read the Fluid Surfer review by The Sydney Morning Herald.

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